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A Movie that YOU Can Be Involved In!

What is The Enlightenment Stories TM?

The Enlightenment Stories TM project serves MANY purposes. Designed to be of great service to the conditions impacting humans, animals, and the planets, we are here to help.

We first create a movie that will continue the work from previous groundbreaking advances in the areas of life enhancement. Then we will offer a fresh, unique TV series to the world.

Our docu-drama project will present fascinating, new shifts in our human experience in an easy-to-understand format in both the film and TV show. We do this by involving the audience as participants.

We will showcase inspiring, educational (and even some mind-blowing) dynamics that best fit a movie format. How will we do this? By involving Mentors to apply their techniques and concepts for the Seekers and the audience.

After the movie, the television series will evolve and delve more deeply into the Mentor/Seeker relationships.

From there, only the Creator knows where we go!

The Story behind The Enlightenment StoriesTM

The Short Version

We are all on our own Hero’s Journey, a term Joseph Campbell coined and what Hollywood books and movies embrace.

The Enlightenment Stories production helps people in a manner that has never been done quite like this before.

The Seekers are real-life individuals attempting to solve the same host of problems plaguing our human condition worldwide. These poignant inquiries are presented with our characteristic fun and highly entertaining format, allowing for significant potential to transform lives and showcasing this potential for our audience.

The Mentors are practitioners, researchers, coaches, inventors, spiritualists, intuitives and animal therapists who will in turn apply their gifts to a varied array of esoteric and everyday folks to inspire and enlighten them and the audience…humor and entertainment will be woven throughout to keep viewers engaged.

The Enlightenment Stories movie brings new and progressive scientific and social discoveries into the mainstream’s consciousness as we simplify and merge them with real life people, pets, the earth in real life demonstrations and applications.

Bottom line: The Enlightenment Stories will be the world’s number one entertainment venue for self help and life enhancement!

The Long Version

The Enlightenment Stories is destined to become the world’s number one entertainment venue for self help and personal life enhancement.

The premise for The Enlightenment Stories centers on a diverse cast of characters from all walks of life and experiences – varying ages and genders; some celebrities and some regular folk; mixed racial and cultural backgrounds. These are the Seekers and they are embarking on intensive personal journeys.

We will champion credible practitioners, researchers, coaches, inventors, spiritualists, intuitives and animal therapists who will in turn apply their gifts to a varied array of esoteric and everyday folks to inspire and enlighten them and the audience…humor and entertainment will also be pervasive to keep viewers in balance. These are the Mentors.

We will always be ‘on the hunt’ for new, credible, and exciting mentor help for the show and viewers alike!

We will be creating stars for the world to enjoy!

Seekers  come to find answers to difficult questions plaguing their lives and wellbeing. Our accomplished Mentors  from all aspects of life enhancement will guide them as they go through the process. Each Seeker will arrive with a unique set of challenges. We’ll explore these issues in depth and aid our Seekers in finding the most unusual and useful tools to overcome these struggles. Their blockages, missing pieces, deep concerns and personal conflicts are exposed, adding drama to the search for the purpose and understanding that is unfurling their stories.

The cast’s primary conflict is that they are all suffering from pain and conflict in some way and wish for a better life, but they do not know how to even begin getting this for themselves. What they do know is that what they have been doing is no longer working for them. They must face their deepest shadow aspects in order to truly move beyond their own blockages, and they need help facing this challenge. The show’s themes will include exploring personal growth and ascension work, some tough love coaching, sharing unique insights, wholeness patterning, earth and animal therapies, family and personal relationship work, discovery development, with recreation fun and humor.

The Mentors are a collection of verified new, up-and-coming helpers who are en route to being self-help luminaries. Traditional doctors who utilize new methods, emerging technology inventors, researchers, practitioners, and respected life coaches will all offer exciting supplemental therapies and fun recreational techniques while sharing their current research and methods with the Seekers. The Mentors will work with the Seekers as individuals and in group settings, as well as both formal and informal engagements.

As the Seekers are introduced to both old and new concepts. They will be learning the practical applications of these helpful techniques and technologies. The Seekers (and our viewers) will be exposed to many innovative ideas for mind, soul, body, all delivered with a highly refined intensity yet at times mixed with lighter entertaining moments.  The profound experiential learning process engaged in during their experiences, combined at times with the dynamic interaction between the other cast members, will add real life drama and interest. Additionally, each Seeker will be able to contribute their own wisdom into the mix, sharing their own expertise, crafts and services in order to help the other Seekers overcome the conflicts and questions that present themselves in their time together.

An important element in the show’s format is to dissolve the illusion of separation between Seeker and Mentor; between production and cast; between the show and the audience. On occasion, the production team may even pipe in to break the fourth wall with tidbits of insight and authentic interactions with Mentors and/or Seekers. The conflicts and drama of each cast member will be touched upon. Our driving force is to champion the mentors new, artful and scientific methods so the cast and viewers may be exposed to and learn from these introductory showcases.  We will be inviting the world to submit themselves or loved ones to the show for help. The Enlightenment Stories project is designed to be an enduring media franchise by providing diverse avenues for our company, cast, investors and even our viewers to thrive while working together on a exciting project of great social value. We envision an extensive scale for the project with The Enlightenment Stories project becoming the trusted ‘go to’ life enhancement source  for our nation. We are a powerful idea whose time has come.

Be in The Enlightenment Stories movie!Be a Part of the Show!

Would you like to have a role as a Seeker or Mentor in the project? We are currently evaluating applications! Or perhaps you would rather attend (and be filmed) in the project’s Cast Party!

Read more information about how to be in the show!

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